What is 3D archery? You will walk a course that is well marked through a wooded area. Along the way you will encounter life-size animal targets and shoot from designated lanes, at various distances with archery equipment.

Can I use broad heads? No, you can only shoot arrows that are equipped with field points.

Can I use a rangefinder? Yes, there is a class that allows rangefinders. Staff will assist you with proper class placement.

What class do I shoot in? We follow ASA guidelines for all shoots. There are classes available based on age, skill levels and equipment.

Is there a practice range? Yes, there is a 4 lane practice course with distances ranging from 20 to 50 yards.

How do I join? Club dues are $30 dollars for 1 year, this also gets you a membership with the ASA. If you want, your entire family can join for $40 for 1 year. Your dues get you access to the range for practice and family fun as well as a discount on organized shoot days.

Staff is always on site and available to assist with any questions you may have.

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"When Archery Is More Than A Season"