3D Course

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NEW FOR 2019!! ARA has added new trails and shooting lanes. This gives us the ability to shoot 3 different courses depending on how we want to set it. This will continue to challenge you by giving you a different look at the targets each month.

Appomattox River Archery is proud to provide a 30 lane course for 3D shooting.

We provide a family friendly atmosphere and encourage all ages to participate. 3D archery is a great way to introduce someone new to the sport of archery or to sharpen your skills as a bowhunter before the season begins. You can choose to shoot for fun or be competitive  and shoot for score against others in your class. Either way you will have an enjoyable experience!




Shooters will walk a well marked trail and shoot from designated lanes. Along the way archers will encounter a variety of life sized animal targets from a range of distances to provide a realistic experience for the pro archer or a beginner.

A practice course of 4 lanes is available with distances up to 50 yards


"When Archery Is More Than A Season"